When road names and coordinates aren’t enough, Locatr offers the solution. This user-friendly mobile app enables users to locate accurate mile markers, significantly improving data quality and location accuracy. Locatr’s quick, out-of-the-box implementation takes under 60 days. We transform your data and tailor our innovated technologies app, delivering iOS and Android applications ready for submission to major app stores. With rapid deployment, most implementations and first-year license costs are under $50k, providing an affordable and effective solution for precise location accuracy across your jurisdiction.



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At Vallr, we’re not just at the forefront of innovated technologies—we’re redefining it. Our passionate team of experienced professionals and visionary tech innovators is dedicated to revolutionizing spatial solutions. We develop innovative technologies that help teams collaborate, organize, and distribute location information with ease. Our solutions span multiple domains, including utilities, water, transit, and transportation, ensuring high standards of accuracy and efficiency. We pour our hearts into research and development to create impactful, cutting-edge products. Join us on this exciting journey as we transform location technology for a multitude of applications.


Our software as a service (SaaS) employs a population-based pricing model, efficiently tailored for cities, states, and countries. This adaptable approach aligns our service costs with the population size of your specific jurisdiction, offering a scalable solution for various governmental levels. It ensures affordability and flexibility, whether you’re managing city infrastructure, state operations, or national projects, providing technology solutions that cater to your unique demographic needs.

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We are also excited to introduce our flagship product, Xplor. Vallr’s Xplor software suite enhances asset and route visualization for professionals, functioning both independently and as part of an integrated system. Xplor eliminates the need for cumbersome printed diagrams and complex layouts, offering features like site-specific navigation and real-world data visualization. It adapts to meet specific user needs, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, and significantly enhancing field work.

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